Management Policy

Message from the President

Representative Director, Morito & Co., Ltd. Takaki Ichitsubo

 Under the founding principles “Active and Steadfast“, we Morito have been providing accessories (parts) for clothing such as eyelets, hooks, and MAGIC TAPE® for over 100 years.
 Currently, we have expanded our business field not only to clothing accessories, but also to transportation equipment, such as cars and railways, and video equipment fields. By doing so, we have developed businesses deeply integrated into people’s lives.
 In order for Morito to continue to grow for the next 100 years, it is essential to create new value. We will thoroughly assess what we currently have and by combining it together, we will find new discoveries. Also, we will focus on unknown fields and respond to the market with ideas and efforts. Moreover, creating new values are not limited only to products.
 I believe that it is important to create value as a "Morito Group", through structural reformation and individual employee awareness reformation and not by conventional practices.
 It is expected that the environment will change rapidly in the future and the uncertainty will increase even more, but I foresee this change as a big opportunity to further increase the significance of Morito existence.
 We will promote our business as a group in order to hold indispensable value for everyone involved in the Morito Group at all times, and to continue to contribute to society.
 We would like to greatly appreciate your continued support for everyone.


Representative Director, Morito & Co., Ltd.

Takaki Ichitsubo

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