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Morito Through Figures

Founded in1908

Morito was founded when Jukichi Morito opened a brokerage for eyelets and hooks in a store rented from Yamano Bags at Utsubo, Nishi-ku, Osaka, in 1908.

Established in1935

Morito Shoten Corporation was established 1935 as the sales routes had expanded all the way to Hokkaido. Following incorporation, an Export Department and Purchasing Department were created to engage in overseas business.

No.1 share of the domestic market

Morito has the largest share of the domestic market for handling of eyelets, hooks, Velcro®, insoles, car mat emblems. (as of November 2021; source: company data)

14 Overseas subsidiaries

Morito is ceaselessly pursuing the development of global business and has built up a powerful network with 14 subsidiaries located in Europe, North America, and Asia (as of November 2021).

Turnover: 43.6 billion yen

Consolidated turnover for the year ending November 2021was ¥43.6 billion.

Equity to capital ratio: 73.7%

The equity to capital ratio for the term to November 2021 exceeded 50%, proving that the company maintains a sound financial constitution.

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