㎜51㎜21㎜81㎜61㎜52㎜12㎜12㎜81㎜01㎜21㎜33㎜82㎜21㎜541㎜11㎜21.HOOK& EYE定番在庫品Regular stock items 手縫い作業に比べて飛躍的なスピードで完了します。●均一な仕上がりを常に実現します。●Sewing snaps, skirts, and skirt snap on with a sewing machine enables the work to be completed 508 (ミシン付け対応) Sewing machine stitch520(ミシン付け対応) Sewing machine stitch533(ミシン付け対応) Sewing machine stitch50213㎜508 男カンHook (male side)520 男カンHook (male side)533 男カンHook (male side)502 男カンHook (male side)508 女カンBar (female side)520 女カンBar (female side)533 女カンBar (female side)502 女カンBar (female side)28㎜●Always seeking to achieve consistency.considerably faster than with conventional hand-sewn techniques.528 (ミシン付け対応) Sewing machine stitch525(ミシン付け対応) Sewing machine stitch670(ミシン付け対応) Sewing machine stitch510(ミシン付け対応) Sewing machine stitch19.5㎜528 男カンHook (male side)525 男カンHook (male side)670 男カンHook (male side)510 男カンHook (male side)528 女カンBar (female side)525 女カンBar (female side)670 女カンBar (female side)510 女カンBar (female side)33㎜前カン レディスタイプMerits 特長●電子ミシンでのスカートホック、スナップの縫付けは従来の06111HOOK & EYE LADIES' TYPE

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