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Frequently Asked Questions


Morito was founded in 1908 when Jukichi Morito started a brokerage for eyelets and hooks in a store rented from Yamano Bags at Utsubo, Nishi-ku, Osaka.

Our company's shares were first listed in the 2nd section of the Osaka Stock Exchange in July 1989.

To understand our company's development to date, please refer to Learning more about Morito: History.

■Corporate information

Please refer to Corporate Information.

We design and develop eyelets, hooks, hook & flat fasteners, and other garment accessories, camera parts, automobile interior goods, footwear goods, and the like. In other words, we produce and sell a broad range of goods related to daily life on the global market.

We are pushing ahead with our latest medium-term management plan (fiscal 2015 as the final year) under the corporate slogan of "Aiming at Becoming a Global Growth Company".

We are actively engaged in M&A aimed at overseas companies, including those in China, in addition to domestic companies, for the purpose of further upgrading our production and sales systems.

■Accounts and Finance

Our business year runs from December 1st to November 30th of the following year, but we announce the settlement of accounts for each quarter.

For the latest IR materials, please click on the IR Materials link at the bottom of each page.

Please see Business Performance & Financial Information. It includes the business performance by segment in addition to finance activities highlights. You can also view past business performance-related materials in the IR Library.

Please refer to the Main Management Indices.

■Stocks in general

Company shares are listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

One unit is composed of 100 shares.

For the per-share dividend, please refer to Dividends and Perks for Shareholders.

No perk for shareholder is available.


Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation

For details, please see Various Procedures Regarding Shares.

The General Meeting of Shareholders is held in February each year. Regarding the upcoming General Meeting of Shareholders, please see the IR Calendar.

■Other topics

We consider strengthening and upgrading corporate governance to be the most vital theme for realizing improvement over the long range and sustainable corporate value from the standpoint of various stakeholders in accordance with the action code that summarizes our management ideals and the basic principles of all directors and employees. For more details, please see Corporate Governance.

Please see Privacy Policy for details.

Please Inquiry on IR for further details.

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