Expanding the global production bases and sales network.

Business strategy

ASEAN strategy

<Bases established>

Build up the global production/sales network centered around Asia.

Production bases

June 2010
Morito Ishihara Auto Parts (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. established.
November 2011
Vietnam Kane-M Danan established.
May 2012
Vietnam Kane-M Danan started operation.

Sales bases

April 2011
Thai Kane-M Thailand established.
June 2012
Myanmar Representative Office opened.

<Vietnam Kane-M Danan>

Garment components composite industrial complex (6 companies in 8 buildings), one of a very few in the world, established.

Purpose of establishment

  • Form a production and distribution base for apparel materials and daily-use industrial materials for the entire ASEAN area.
  • Handle materials from Japan, China, and ASEAN nations with the purpose of distributing risk and promoting the local consumption of locally-produced goods.
  • Offer a total supply service, including finished products.

Business line

  • OEM production
  • Set sales for SPA (apparel manufacturing & retailing business)
  • Rental factory business
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