Management Policy

IR Policy

(1)Basic position regarding information disclosure
Our corporate group has included compliance with all laws and sincere action based on ethics in our management ideals, and we see to it that all our directors and employees never deviate from laws or action norms. However, if any such act should occur and our company is faced with compliance-related problems, it is possible that the business performance of our corporate group may be negatively affected due to the actions taken by the relevant government agency, the initiation of a lawsuit, the loss of reputation, etc..
(2)Purpose of IR activities
Our company considers the purpose of our IR activities to be assuring that our corporate value is properly evaluated by our shareholders and investors. In order to fulfill this purpose, our company suitably, fairly, and sustainably provides the information required for making investment judgments, besides positively expanding two-way communication with shareholders and investors.
(3)Positively promoting IR activities
Our company plans to further increase the occasions on which the members of top management speak directly with shareholders, investors, and securities analysts at account settlement briefings and corporate activities briefings because we believe it is imperative to provide key management information, including the details of the business results, the financial situation, and the business in line with the purpose of our IR activities.
We will also endeavor to further upgrade our shareholder and investor information site with the aim of fairly, and sustainably conveying key management information in an easy-to-understand form and timely manner.
At the same time, regarding the evaluations and requests we receive from our shareholders, investors, and securities analysts, we will try to make the best use of that feedback to further improve our corporate activities by sharing the necessary information with not only key management staff members, but more widely inside the company.
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