Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

In line with our management policies, we look at environmental and social issues that are important to our business with an eye to creating a sustainable society (social value) through our operations. At the same time, we work to realize our own sustainable growth and enhance our corporate value (economic value), all with the aim of creating shared value (CSV).


Protecting the global environment and fighting climate change

We will conduct all business activities while considering their impact on the environment as we aim for corporate growth while fighting climate change.

Doing business in harmony with people and their communities

We will promote diversity and work with individuals and communities to enhance our corporate social identity and improve our corporate value.

Strengthening the business foundation for continuous growth

We will develop and strengthen management systems so that they can keep pace with business developments well into the future while adapting to changes in the external environment, all with an eye to corporate growth.

Organizing for Sustainability

We have organized the Sustainability Committee consisting of directors and chaired by the representative director and CEO. Working to sustain our operations into the future in the face of a dramatically changing operating environment, we will promote sustainable management as we address risks and opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance issues over the long run. The chair will invite non-members to attend Sustainability Committee meetings in order to get input from those in relevant departments and seek advice from outside experts, etc. as needed.

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