Commitment to Quality

At Morito, the Quality Assurance Department plays a central role in quality management.

We monitor the quality, effectiveness, and safety of products and services we offer and look at ways to improve them throughout all processes from planning and development to sales and after-sale services. As part of our efforts to maintain and improve the quality management system, we conduct regular quality monitoring that includes ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, setting quality targets, and responding to management review outputs.

Our Commitment to Quality

Morito products are used not only in our own products but also in a wide range of areas where they meet our customers’ needs. That’s why we conduct risk assessments from the planning, design and development stages and carry out activities (i.e., design reviews) to minimize risk.
We also audit our suppliers’ quality assurance systems and processes to manage risks. When we are informed of a defect, we immediately investigate the cause and take countermeasures along with steps to prevent a recurrence.

Employee Training

At Morito, we provide employees with quality training that goes well beyond just informing them of our quality policy. We work hand in hand with our Legal Affairs Department to ensure that we develop and provide products that conform to all regulatory and quality requirements.

Equipment to Ensure Quality

ZTS-500 N force gauge and MX2-500 N motorized test stand
These devices are used to measure force, such as shear force, bending strength, and piercing force.

LHU-114/SH-242 constant-temperature, constant-humidity cabinets
These devices provide different temperature and humidity settings and are used to test how a sample is affected by the environment.

EDX-7000 X-ray fluorescence analyzer
This device analyzes the energy (wavelength) and intensity of X-ray fluorescence generated when focusing X-rays on a sample to determine its elemental composition.

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