Human Resource Management Policy

The Morito Group aims to grow steadily while adding new value to its existence, beyond the added value its products already have.
We have developed the Morito Group Human Resource Management Policy in order to ensure that all group companies around the world are on the same page. Covering the six categories of recruitment, human resource development, labor management, placement and careers, evaluation, and compensation and benefits, the policy provides a clear picture of the direction in which the Morito Group is headed.

Morito Group Human Resource Management Policy

Strategic Directions

A: Recruitment

● Securing candidates who meet the various employment requirements for the global job market

● Securing candidates who share a similar sense of values and ideas with us

B: Human resource development

● Adhering to our fundamental belief in “self-growth and self-development”

● Providing opportunities to employees who have the ability or the motivation to excel

C: Labor management

● Ensuring full compliance

● Providing a comfortable working environment where employees can realize their full potential

D: Placement and careers

● Giving people an equal opportunity, regardless of nationality, race, or religion, to work in positions where they can make the best use of their abilities and contribute to the company

● Providing opportunities for career development according to the employee’s role and aptitude

E: Evaluation

● Evaluating employees based on the quality and degree of their contribution in their roles as well as the relative value of their jobs

● Ensuring fair and consistent evaluations

F: Compensation and benefits

● Providing adequate compensation commensurate with performance

● Maintaining a highly controllable labor cost structure

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