Identifying Material Issues

Material Issues

We are committed to fulfilling our fundamental corporate social responsibility of meeting the needs and expectations of society and solving the problems humanity faces through our business activities. At the same time we are working to build a stronger business foundation to increase our corporate value. That’s why we have reviewed environmental, social, and governance issues most relevant to our business, and identified the areas we should focus on in addressing them.

Identifying Material Issues

We identified material issues with an eye to realizing our vision for sustainable management. In identifying these issues, we first reviewed and categorized ESG issues that are most relevant to our business. The Sustainability Committee and the Board of Directors then discussed these issues while referring to opinions and suggestions from stakeholders both inside and outside the company, including investors, business associates, and Group employees, and in light of environmental trends, SDGs, TCFD recommendations, and other assessment guidelines.

We will draft an outline of initiatives and specific targets (KPIs) for each material issue after careful consideration.

Materiality Assessment Process

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