Addressing Material Issues

  Material Issues Focus Areas Initiatives
Environment Conducting environmentally friendly business operations

・ Building a recycling-oriented society

・ Reducing waste

・ Preventing marine pollution

・ Cutting material waste and boosting product yield

・ Streamlining office operations (reducing resource consumption)

・ Increasing green purchasing ratio

Managing supply chains in view of climate change

・ Sustainable procurement of raw materials

・ Improving procurement and supply stability

・ Strengthening resilience in logistics

・ Supply chain management (SCM) strategies for natural disasters

・ Overhauling order, inventory, warehousing, and shipping functions

Society Making products people find useful in their lives

・ Developing high-value-added products

・ Improving reliability through stable quality

・ Developing safe, secure, and useful products

・ Creating safe, secure, and useful products to help improve people’s lives

・ Quality management

Strengthening social and human capital initiatives

・ Engaging in and contributing to local communities

・ Human resources strategy for a competitive edge

・Placing a diverse range of people in positions that are a good fit for them in order to cultivate an environment where everyone can thrive

・ Building stronger ties with communities and organizations

・ Acquiring self-motivated workers and providing skills development training

・ Promoting diversity and accommodating different work styles to enhance employee engagement

Governance Maximizing added value through increased productivity

・ Establishing a management system that enables us to respond to changes in the business environment quickly and appropriately

・ Focus on growth investing to improve capital efficiency

・ Adopt a holding company framework to transform functions and operations as well as optimize the group structure

・ Restructuring business portfolio

Strengthening business foundation

・ Strengthening governance

・ Boosting public trust and reputation through ESG disclosure

・ Internal control/risk management/compliance

・ Corporate management aimed at securing overall stakeholder satisfaction

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